YingLong(HeroHome) SuperHard Materials ManuFactory

About Us
Located in the Modern Industrial Zone of Lintong Dist. Xi'An,Website:http://www.herohomecn.com, ShaanXi, CHINA. Our Enterprise -YingLong(HeroHome) SuperHard Materials ManuFactory is One of the Most Important Primary Production Bases of SuperHard Materials and Related Cutting & Grinding Tools With the World-Famous Terra-Cotta Museum Besides it. YingLong(HeroHome) is a Professional Company with Over 30 Years of Experiences in Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and the R&D of New Technologies & Products. Our Main Products Include Two Series of Diamond/CBN Grinding-Wheels with Other Abrasive Tools; Tungsten Carbide/High Speed Steel (HSS)/Alloy Steel/Chrome Steel with Over Hundreds of Types and More than Three Thousands Patterns. Meanwhile We Can Design and Specificly Manufacture & Process Products According to Irregular Patterns and Special Requirements of Our Customers.
Products and services
Common grinding wheel,Diamond Grinding Wheel,PCBN Insert,CBN Grinding Wheels,Grinding Wheel Shapes,Grinding Wheel Bond,Cutting Blade,Abrasive Paste,Honing Tool