YingLong(HeroHome) SuperHard Materials ManuFactory

Date: 26th May 2016
Cross Cut Blade
Among those famous China cross cut blade manufacturers,Website:http://www.herohomecn.com, Yinglong Superhard Materials Manufactory is a professional such supplier, welcome to buy cross cutting blade production with our factory. Cross Cut Blade;"HeroHome" is one of the leading Manufactories and Suppliers of Cutting Knives and Blades used in Tissue Paper Converting Machine, such as, Perini, PCMC, Futura, Bretting, Echo, Ital Converting etc.The products in Tissue Paper industry including:1. Log Saw Blades are in the Materials of High Speed Steel (HSS)/Alloy Steel/Tool Steel and so on. Using a different heat treatment, "HeroHome" provides Log Saw Blade with more hardness to increase the resistance to wear and heat related deformations with high performance in cutting Toilet Roll. The Size is Up to D610, D510, D400 etc. The Blades could be produced as the customers? requirement and exact need on Model and Material.2. Perforation Blades could be made in High Speed Steel, Alloy Steel Tool Steel etc. We could provide these blades with hundreds of Models, such as L3500, L3000, L2950, L2800, L2500etc, also could produce the Blades as customers? choice.3. Top Slitter & Bottom Slitter; These needs to be used together, in materials of High Speed Steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel and so on.4. Other Non-Standard Cutting Knives could be produced as per customer design and need."HeroHome" could offer Log Saw Blades, Perforation Blades Top Slitter, Bottom Slitter etc. Based on Stable Materials and Unique Technique Skills, Our capabilities allow us to produce and supply the highest quality precision Tissue Paper Cutting Knives with Long Service Life for an Extra Clean Cut in Tissue Paper Industry. Our Tissue Blades & Knives could be manufactured as the Exact Design and Materials?of the customer.Generated with over 30 years producing experiences, we are capable to provide the Best Quality and Most Competitive Price to every Honorable Customer, and be able to solve all the?Technique Questions & Problems of customers directly. Under our Great Motto: High Standards, Excellent Customer Service, we would offer the best service to all the customers. How?to?purchase?Grinding?Wheel?from?us?