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Date: 26th May 2016
Diamond Honing Sticks
Among those famous China diamond honing sticks manufacturers,Website:http://www.herohomecn.com, Yinglong Superhard Materials Manufactory is a professional such supplier, welcome to buy diamond honing stone production with our factory. ? Honing Sticks in Diamond or CBN;After years of exploration and research, we have developed "Yinglong" honing sticks series. They adopt advanced formula, unique producing techniques, which make them more stable, more effective and more durable to abrasion. Approved by a lot of famous enterprises of China, the quality and technical parameters have reached the standard of the similar imported products. The experts and leaders of National Association of gas engine also have set high value on the product series.Honing is a special form of grinding, it is a highly efficient processing method in precision machining. This process can not only remove larger machining allowance (in the 1950s honing is still used as polishing), and is a kind of parts size, accuracy and geometry surface rough degree of effective processing method for improving.Diamond honing rod, the company is committed to hone, diamond honing rod production research, with many years of production experience, affordable quality degree is high, suitable for modern machine industry, heavy honing processing,High precision, durable, high grinding rate, good finish, long service life.How?to?purchase?Grinding?Wheel?from?us?