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Date: 26th May 2016
Diamond Polishing Paste
Among those famous China diamond polishing paste manufacturers,Website:http://www.herohomecn.com, Yinglong Superhard Materials Manufactory is a professional such supplier, welcome to buy diamond lapping paste production with our factory. Diamond Lapping Paste;Diamond Grinding Paste and CBN Grinding Paste is a kind of soft abrasive, which is made of diamond or CBN powder abrasive and paste binder. It is used for grinding hard brittle materials to obtain a high surface finish. With the Diamond or CBN crystal as raw material, adopts the most advanced powder preparation separation technology extremely narrow diamond and CBN powder size distribution, strict controlled nano and micron crystal control system, let every single particle approximate round values are almost perfect, successful participation in grinding and polishing process, get more high quality reproducibility. Diamond Abrasive Paste is produced fine by the diamond micrones and other raw-materials, it is a relevant ideal Abrasive-paste for grinding and polishing with well lubrication and cooling capability, the hardness of diamond granule is high with equal granularity, and excellent grinding effects. Diamond Lapping Paste with diamond powder and other chemical compound mixing, has good grinding performance, no corrosion, good lubrication and cooling, improving efficiency and workpiece is bright and clean degree, smoothness, is ideal for high precision grinding agent. materials, glass, ceramics, hard alloy, natural diamonds, precious stones and other measuring tools, cutting tools, optical instruments and other high finish of workpiece processing.The Grain Size could be chosen;? Granule? Degree Color Type Granule?Degree Former?Standard New?Standard W0.5 Simple?yellow Water?or?oil ?13~14 0.012~0.006 W1.0 Yellow Water?or?oil ?13~14 0.012~0.006 W1.5 Chrysoidine Water?or?oil ?12~13 0.025~0.012 W2.5 Rose?color Water?or?oil ?12~13 0.025~0.012 W3.5 Vermeil Water?or?oil ?12~13 0.025~0.012 W5 Simple?blue Water?or?oil ?11~12 0.05~0.025 W7 Deep?blue Water?or?oil ?11~12 0.05~0.025 W10 Grass?green Water?or?oil ?10~11 0.1~0.05 W14 Green Water?or?oil ?10~11 0.1~0.05 W20 Purple Water?or?oil ?9~10 0.2~0.1 W28 Gray Water?or?oil ?9~10 0.2~0.1 W40 Black Water?or?oil ?9~10 0.2~0.1 How?to?purchase?Grinding?Wheel?from?us?