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Date: 26th May 2016
Perforation Blade
Perforation BladeBlades & Knives"Herohome" is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for cutter blades & knives,Website:http://www.herohomecn.com, especially applied in tissue-paper converting machinery. We manufacture typical models serve for machines as Perini, PCMC, Futura, Bretting, Echo, Ital converting etc., around the world.Our Blades & Knives applied in Tissue-paper converting includes:Perforation Blades & Anvil Blades could be made in HSS (High Speed Steel)/Alloy Steel/Chrome Steel/Tool Steel and so on.We could provide these kinds of Blades with dozens of models & patterns, such as L3500mm, L3000mm, L2950mm, L2800mm, L2500mm etc., it could also be produced as specifically as per the customers? requirements for different models and materials.?Besides the Cutting Blade & Knives in Tissue-paper industry, "Herohome" serves our customers widely in the different fields of Packing & Printing, Cigarettes, Tapes, Leather, Food & Meat etc. in various patterns/models & material for clients to choose.ADVANTAGESWith senior experience & unique formula, we could offer the Blade & Knives with high grinding efficiency & longer duration life-time; with total control & the most familiar to the processes of grinding & sharpening, as we also a professional manufactory of Grinding Wheels, Thus our Blade & Knives would be matched with perfect finishing and the lowest costs at this part.This helps our cutters to be the most convincing products in the market by obvious advantages in both performances & the costs.?? We successfully prompted our blades with various patterns and models around the world. By the significant performance in quality + services + offers, we had won great reputations among our customers in the whold wide world.Generated with over 40 years of production experiences, "Herohome" is capable to provide the best quality & the most competitive prices to every honorable customer, and we are capable to solve all the technical questions & enquiries from our clients directly. Under our motto as always:High standards, excellent customer services.We all would spare every effort to offer the best services & the most satisfiable products to all the respectfull customers.IMPRESSIONWith adopt of TOP-Class stable Raw-Material & Senior engineers strictly control the overall production processes to ensure the highest quality of our products, "Herohome" could produce and supply the most suitable grinding wheel for various Blades and Knives. The combinations of the grinders with the cutters both made by "Herohome" would be your best choice!How to purchase Grinding Wheel from us??